When I met Kumar about a decade ago, he introduced me to the unique world of men's fashion. That initial arousal of my interest in this sub-discipline has grown and has been held ever since. Well, at the very least, I've been "sensitized" to it and can now spot (and smell!) a faux-pas from a mile away! And now, Kumar and myself are forming a dynamic duo (of sorts!) and together, we're endeavoring, to gently nudge and guide men, on to the path of sartorial "enlightenment."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week Thirty-eight: Sartorialist-borrowed Inspiration

So I must admit that I haven't been as religious in checking out The Sartorialist's daily (or almost!) daily picture but I don't think I've been necessarily (sorely!) missed, either or missed more than is necessary at least, the way I miss the visits of all my five followers lol. And that's the thing about blogs - interest and/or inspiration waxes and wanes, flows and ebbs, if you know what I'm saying, lol, it comes in waves and spurts and then there are these lulls...

And so I broke my Sartorialist fast, my interest piqued and stirred by last Tuesday's post title, "The New Prep Standard, Paris" and was pleasantly surprised, no, actually, I practically fell in love all over again - I mean, what's not to love about these three photographs? They've got all of the elements such as the seersucker blazer, the ankle grazing pants, the skinny/knitted tie, the pocket square - pretty much everything right there that I've been preaching and harping on and on about for the past couple of months, so much so that it feels validating...

Funny that he posted something on prep, for just the other day a girl at work who (alas!) knows her fashion and I got talking about clothes and I couldn't help but smile as she gushed and (lusted!) over lined lapels and crests - just who does that? that is look beneath a lapel and cares enough whether it's lined or not??? Prep is indeed quite the trend. While traditionally, it used to identify one, strictly speaking, as an enrollee of the better academia ("prep" schools) of New England (different still from the narrower but related Ivy style, encompassing a wider variety of key garments) these days it's more of a personal look that unlettered laymen/streetsmart/disgruntled Harvard aspirants - dropouts from anywhere can pull off with the exercise of a little caution, of course...so as not to appear as if one is trying too hard...(now to convince Kumee to get a pair of dress shorts!)

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