When I met Kumar about a decade ago, he introduced me to the unique world of men's fashion. That initial arousal of my interest in this sub-discipline has grown and has been held ever since. Well, at the very least, I've been "sensitized" to it and can now spot (and smell!) a faux-pas from a mile away! And now, Kumar and myself are forming a dynamic duo (of sorts!) and together, we're endeavoring, to gently nudge and guide men, on to the path of sartorial "enlightenment."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Week Eight: The Sartorialist's Two-Cents on Half-Inch (or more!) of Shirt-Cuff...

I truly love and look forward to my daily Scott Schuman/The Sartorialist pic "fix" so you could imagine how I relished actually reading his insightful two-cents on the subject of sleeve-length and how he tactfully addressed the obvious lack of consensus among his followers as to how much shirt-cuff should really show beneath a suit or peek out of outerwear.

This is the second time since I've recently began following Schuman's blog, that I observed how he had silenced his critics with such modesty and diplomacy, the first incident, involving a picture of a "duct taped boot" that raised quite the controversy which he settled by simply directing everyone's attention to and having them watch "A Visual Life" - a beautiful mini-docu on the creative process behind The Sartorialist - and conclusively rest his case.

This quiet dignity resonated with me, reminding me of Kumar's own forebearance in the face of skepticism over his elevated sartorial taste. Unfortunately, this comes with the territory, but rising above it with such class is so gentlemanly!

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