When I met Kumar about a decade ago, he introduced me to the unique world of men's fashion. That initial arousal of my interest in this sub-discipline has grown and has been held ever since. Well, at the very least, I've been "sensitized" to it and can now spot (and smell!) a faux-pas from a mile away! And now, Kumar and myself are forming a dynamic duo (of sorts!) and together, we're endeavoring, to gently nudge and guide men, on to the path of sartorial "enlightenment."

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week Forty-eight of tweed and men...

(Kumee rocking tweed jacket, 'nuff said!)
Snuggling up beside a decked out Kumee the other day afforded me the opportunity to pay close scrutiny to the fabric of his new suit that I would normally just lump into the broad-ish category of "tweed." I was quite surprised to see that it was actually a herringbone overlaid with a simple check. Could it be? I never knew there was such a combo - I've always thought you could have either one or the other. But so it does, exist, that is! Apparently, it's traditionally Scottish (as is all tweed), but what makes this cloth and particular pattern distinct is that it would be woven with the dominant colors of the respective properties of estatemen who would commission (yes, that's the verb!) the resulting unique fabric as their own, to be worn by hunters under their employ. The garments made with the material provided its wearers with both warmth and camouflage. Those were the practical purposes the material served and really was intended for originally. These days, however, to wear tweed, especially in these parts, is guaranteed to actually set one apart from the crowd (a fact that Kumee's fully aware of and confidently capitalizes on!) and not blend into their immediate surroundings - no kidding! in a sea of black suits! Granted, a black suit will always have it's place in a gentleman's closet, but it's all too easy to get too comfortable with the same 'ol, same 'ol, which we tend to just gravitate to in a store, yes, even I've fallen into that insidious trap! So, before you write-off this bit of info as trivial, could tweed be an option, perhaps, to consider (?) for your next sports jacket?

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